Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where is God???

People talk about getting God back into government and public schools, but

what about getting God back into our churches??

For all of the progress attributed to modernity, a business comes attached that threatens to compromise our worship.

Today we tend to add extraneous human and technological touches to our church gatherings that leave less room for the timeless touch of God.

A lot of churches in America have become like
the superstore down the street.

They desire to be efficient, offer a dizzying array of products, and be smooth at the checkout lanes; but there's a little if anything thar transcends the ordinary.

There's no awareness or focus on
the presence of God in the place.

Perhaps what we need now is a reformation of worship, a whole new understanding based on Scripture of what it means to draw close to God.

We need to grasp that when we give our heart to God,
He in turn shares His heart with us.

When we have genuinely worshipped him,

we leave the service having made
a wondrous exchange.

Pr. Steve Gains

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